Resin flower cabochons


How to use crimp beads in beading

Buy crimp beads that match your jewelry piece. Crimp beads are usually made of metal and they have a slit cut into them so that they do not form a closed bead. You can get crimp beads in different types of metals, even gold and silver.
Put your crimp bead around the knot you've tied between the clasp and the beads of your jewelry.
Start closing your crimp bead. Take your crimping pliers, and put your bead into the largest circle on your pliers.
Put low pressure on your crimp bead to start to close it. Turn the crimp bead so that you press it gently from many different directions. This will keep you from distorting the bead's shape.
Finish closing the crimp bead. Place your crimp bead into the smaller circle of the crimping pliers. Apply low pressure to gently close the beads. Turn the crimp bead so that you apply pressure from many different directions until it is completely closed.
Repeat steps 2 through 6 over the knot at the other end for your jewelry piece.


Beading Tutorial-How to Wrap Wire with a Bead

Step 1 Cut 20cm length jewelry wire. Bend one side of the wire and form a right-angle.
Step 2 Use round nose plier to make a simple loop.
Step 3 String a bead.
Step 4 Bend the other side of the wire and form a right-angle.
Tip: Reserve a bead’s length space for wire wrapping later.
Step 5 Make a simple loop.
Step 6 Continue to wrap the loops until it comes to your desired length.
Step 7 Wrapping the wire around the bead.
Step 8 Wrap loops of the jewelry wire until it reaches to the simple loop in the beginning.
Step 9 Cut the extra jewelry wire.
Step 10 Congratulations, you’ve successfully made a wire wrapped bead.
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Vintage Halloween digital collage sheets

This listing is for an 8.5 x 11 inch digital collage sheet with 35 images. And each image is 25x25mm square which can be used with vintage cabochon settings with the exact diameters in our store. This halloween digital collage sheet is perfect for pendants, brooches, magnets, scrapbooking, or any other use you can dream up.
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Selecting your beading supplies

Make a list of the basic jewelry making supplies you will need based on the design or pattern you have selected. This list should include tools, such as beading pliers and glue, as well as supplies, like china beads or clasps, and miscellaneous items, like containers for supplies or bead boards.
Visit several local or online crafts stores so that you can browse and compare offerings. Using your beading supplies list, do price comparisons on basic tools. For decorative items, such as beads, visit a number of stores if possible, so that you can browse a wide selection of offerings.
Consider purchasing a jewelry making kit. Aside from relieving you of the worry that you may have forgotten some supplies, these kits come in a wide price range, cover many types of popular jewelry making and usually come with a booklet and patterns to try.
Select and purchase your supplies based on price, attractiveness and suitability for your project. Remember to factor in the cost of shipping when you purchase online.


Instructions simple chain maille charm bracelet

Open 50 jump rings. To open a jump ring, grab one side of the opening of the jump ring with one pair of pliers and do the same on the other side with the other pair of pliers. Gently twist both pairs of jewelry pliers so that both sides of the opening go in different directions. Do not pull straight out because this will warp and weaken the jump ring.
Bend the outside part of a paper clip and slip two closed jump rings on it so that they hang from the bend of the paper clip.
Put one open jump ring through both closed jump rings that are hanging from the paper clip and close it just like you opened it, only in reverse. Put one pair of pliers on one side of the opening, the other pair of pliers on the other side and gently twist so that the two ends meet. Put another open jump ring through the two closed ones hanging from the paper clip and close it as well.
Repeat Step 3 and check your length with a tape measure until you have created a chain that is 6 inches long. Seven inches is the most common size for bracelets, but you can always measure your wrist or another person's wrist for a more accurate size if you have the chance. The length of the clasp will make up the last inch.
Attach the clasp to the end of the bracelet with two more open jump rings. You can now add some charms at different points on the chain, looping smaller open jump rings through a pair of rings, placing a charm on it and closing the jump ring.


Jewelry making is not entirely based on wholesale beads

Of course, jewelry making is not entirely based on beads. Even if beads are the elements that give the final, decorative touch to the resulting beadwork, there are other components that practically offer support for the beads. As a result, for our earrings, apart from the wholesale beads of your choice, you will also need ear wires, head pins, a wire twisting tool and a wire cutting tool. Make sure that the ear wires and the head pins are made from a reliable material, such as sterling silver. Don't be cheap with such parts of the earrings: they will not be quality products if the material breaks only because you were too mean to invest a bit more in more reliable materials.
You also need to be careful with pushing the beads onto the head pin. You will place onto the head pin as many beads you consider necessary for the final length of the earrings. When you are done with the jewelry beads, you will use the wire cutting tool in order to cut whatever length of wire is in excess. Be careful: the same as it happens with any other kind of jewelry making, earring crafting requires delicate actions. Make sure that there is some wire left: this part will have to be curled into a small circle with the wire twisting tool.


Guides on how to clean glass beads

Cut the clasps off necklaces and bracelets with scissors or wire cutters and remove the beads from the stringing cord or wire. Save clasps and other reusable findings. Check the beads carefully and discard any that are chipped or cracked
Fill the bowl or pan with warm water, and stir in detergent.
Place beads in the bowl or pan; and swish to loosen dirt and body oils. Soak for about an hour.
Drain the beads in a colander, and rinse thoroughly under warm water. Rinse bowl or pan.
Refill bowl or pan with the second quart of warm water; add vinegar, and mix. Swish beads for a minute or two, then drain and rinse in colander as before.
Place a towel on a table or counter that won't be needed until the beads have dried overnight. Spread the beads on the towel, and blot them dry.
Check to see if all beads are clean. Use the toothbrush or cotton swabs to remove any remaining grime. Wash and rinse until you are satisfied with the result.
Spread the clean beads on a dry towel, and air dry them overnight. If china beads are not dry next morning, blow dry with dryer set on lowest setting.


Wire working bracelet making tutorial

Step 1 Cut two pieces 30cm 18 gauge jewelry wires and make two U-shape loops as shown in pictures. Please note that one of them is bigger than the other.
Step 2 Cut a piece of 50cm 28 gauge jewelry wire and wrap it around the U-shape wires.
Step 3 Wrap around the U-shape wires tight.
Step 4 Cut another two pieces of 18 gauge jewelry wires in 20cm and insert them between the U-shape wires as shown in the picture.
Step 5 Continue to use the thin jewelry wire to wrap all of the 18 gauge jewelry wires.
Tip: Use chain nose plier to better squeeze and fix the wires to make all the wires in the same surface.
Step 6 Wrap the wires to your desired length to ensure all the wires are fastened together. Then make an end of the cord.
Step 7 Cut the end of the wire on other side that closed to U-shape loops.
Step 8 String the jewelry beads with different sizes or colors through the wires.
Step 9 See the overview picture when you string all the beads. Make slight bent to the wires using chain nose plier.
Step 10 Make four free swirls using round nose plier to the wires with U-shape loops.
Step 11 Cut 28 gauge wire of 50cm and wrap around the wires as shown in the picture.
Step 12 Make the closure with the rest two jewelry wires by creating simple loops as shown in picture. Then use thin jewelry wire to wrap wires closed to the closure.
Step 13 Insert the closure to the U-shape loops! Congratulations, you have made an elegant bride wire working bracelet.
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Jump rings

Jump rings are a very popular connector to use in jewelry making. They come in different kinds of materials, colors and sizes, ranging from 2mm to 1cm and above. Although it is possible to make your own it, most people buy them fairly cheaply at jewelry supply stores.
Jump rings differ from split rings which look very much like the ring that holds your keys together. They are basically a metal loop of wire which is cut in one place. As basic requirements for jewelry making, those rings are a necessary part of your jewelry making equipment. If you are a beginner of jewelry making, you need to lean two easy beading techniques: how to open and close jump rings, how to make a pendant with jump ring bail. Both sound very simple, but you'd better to open and close them carefully in order to not damage your rings.
When purchasing jump rings, it is important to note how they are measured, as everyone does it differently. Some places measure the inner diameter of the rings, others use the outer diameter. Some prefer inches, some are metric and other combine both systems. Adding to the confusion, wire gauges are not consistent across metal types. The gauge refers to how thick the wire is. Different numbering systems are used, depending on the type of metal. You should always ask your supplier for the exact measurements of their rings after spring back to ensure you are buying what you need.


Tools for working wire

The basic tools that you need to get started making wire jewelry are easy to find. In general, it is always better to buy the best wire working tools that you can afford. Quality tools will be easier on your hands and will last longer. And tools that feel better in your hands when you're working with them will make your time spent making wire jewelry more enjoyable!
Wire Cutters Also known as flush cutters, these are required for making clean cuts of different sizes and types of wire. Most cutters have a flat side for smooth cuts and an angled side for making sharper cuts.
Round-Nose Pliers Round-nose pliers are perfect for creating even, round loops. The jaws of these wire working pliers should be smooth and come to a tapered point.
Flat-Nose Pliers These pliers are used for gripping wire while working it into shape. The jaws of flat-nose pliers are flat and broad and come to a somewhat tapered point. These pliers are also handy for pulling Viking knit chain through a draw plate.
Chain-Nose Pliers These wire working pliers are a combination of round-nose and flat-nose pliers. The jaws are rounded on the outside and flat on the inside, coming to a tapered point. These pliers are helpful for crimping down the ends of wrapped wire and for grasping wire in tight spaces.
Wire Straighteners Also called wire smoothers, these are broad, nylon-jawed pliers that are used to smooth or straighten wire that has come off of a spool.
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Basic jewelry supplies for a piece of bracelet

Beads may be found in an amazing diversity of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials.
Tiger tail and other flexible beading wires are made of multiple strands of metal, with a nylon coating that can be colored or clear. Flexible beading wire is suitable for many types of beading projects and is available in a number of different metals and thicknesses.
Crimp beads are metal beads used to secure findings or other beads to flexible beading wire.
A lobster claw clasp is the most secure type of clasp.
A jump ring, closed and soldered, serves as the ring for the lobster claw clasp.
Headpins are relatively short lengths of wire with a head affixed to one end that holds a bead (or beads). You will need either headpins or eyepins for making a pendant or a charm.
Eyepins are relatively short lengths of wire with one end formed into a round loop. This loop holds beads in place and can also be used to connect to other findings (e.g., headpins, clasps, other eyepins). You will need either headpins or eyepins for making a pendant or a charm.
About the author:
Zacoo is a professional retail and wholesaler specialized in cheap and quality beading supplies, such as china beads, rhinestones, flower cabochons, jewelry clasps, bails, bead caps, jump rings, charms, pendants…. Founded in 2005, it has emerged as one of largest wholesale jewelry supplies wholesalers in the field, and it now serves worldwide customers from many countries. What's more, you can enjoy free shipping worldwide.


What take into consideration when choosing jewelry wire

Select a Wire Gauge
Use gauge 20 or higher for earrings and wrapped bead links in bracelets and necklaces.
Buy gauge 18 to 20 for making most bracelets.
Get 16 to 18-gauge wire for making necklaces. Remember that 16 gauge is very large and difficult for most beginners to work with.
Decide on Wire Hardness
Use soft wire (hardness 0 or 1) for making spirals and round shapes.
Choose half-hard wire (hardness 2 or 3) for designs that require sharp angles, or where the wire must wrap around itself.
Buy hard wire (hardness 4) for beads jewelry that must stand up to a lot of wear and won't have any round shapes.
Choose a Metal Type
Use gold wire for aesthetics if your budget allows for it. Gold-filled wire is less expensive and looks and wears like gold. Both are tarnish resistant and come in soft or half-hard. Gold-plated wire is made to look like 24K gold, but the gold will wear off eventually.
Get silver wire for the look of it, but remember that it does tarnish and must be cleaned regularly. Silver-plated wire is inexpensive, but the silver can wear off, and it tarnishes also. Sterling silver is available in soft or half-hard.
Buy copper, brass or other less-traditional wire for its strength, looks or durability as necessary for your project.


Possibilities to consider when crafting with beads

The most popular bead craft hobby is that of jewelry. Everything from beaded earrings to necklaces and bracelets are widely available and are handmade by artisans around the world. Found at craft shows, in specialty stores and online, beaded jewelry designers are responsible for hand threading each bead until the desired look is completed. Jewelry beads are available in a variety of metals, including gold-tone, silver-tone, genuine gold and genuine silver. Products used to create beaded jewelry are typically found at most wholesalers that deal in jewelry findings.
If you have ever seen a beaded pocketbook, then you have already seen the workmanship that goes into this type of product. However, many do not realize this, but some pocketbooks are made completely of beads. Understandably so, these are very expensive due to the amount of time and work involved in addition to the cost of the beads themselves. However, they are quite possibly one of the most elegant purses that a woman can own.
Another popular bead craft hobby is that of creating handmade napkin rings. These rings are designed to hold a rolled napkin into place before dinner. With beaded napkin rings, many people choose to use them as decor, but they are actually quite functional and are more than capable of serving the purpose as they are intended.
Yet another popular bead craft is hair accessories. It's all about the added touches, right? When it comes to hair accessories, beadwork is everywhere. It is commonly found in hair pins and other hair embellishments that help to complete the perfect look.
After creating their latest designs, most bead craft artists make their work available at craft shows (either local or national), at online auctions, or through specialty craft stores. In some cases, their work is even sold nationally in retail stores. Bead craft artists are skilled professionals that opt to display their artwork in the form of beadwork rather than on canvas. But, make no mistake, an artist who works with beads is no less of an artist than anyone who uses a pencil or paintbrush.


Guides on how to purchase lampwork glass beads

Decide or find the jewelry project that you would like to create. Find out what kind and how many lampwork beads you will need.
Look on auction sites and craft stores online. You will find many options, and save the ones you like under your bookmarks.
Study the pictures of the lamp work beads well. Be sure that that the quality is in good shape. Look for any chips, cracks, or breaks that might be present. Everything should be completely smooth without any rough surfaces.
Ask the seller any questions you may have about the lampwork glass beads. If they do not get back to you promptly or do not seem knowledgeable about their product, that's a bad sign. You should look elsewhere in that scenario. Also, check out any online stores with the Better Business Bureau if they aren't a nationally reputably company.
Determine your jewelry making budget and how much you would like to spend on lampwork beads. Quality lampwork beads are higher, but are more durable and have longer lifespan. The cheaper lampwork beads may come with chips or weren't handmade correctly. While it is not necessary to spend hundreds of dollars on lampwork beads, you do want quality ones to use in projects-especially if you plan on selling your creations.
Have your credit/debit card or checking account available. You will need these items to make your online purchase. Record your purchase and print out your receipt after checkout to have for your own personal records. Be sure to take back any purchased merchandise at china beads wholesale stores should you question the quality or making of your lampwork beads.


Enrich your summer with acrylic style miracle beads

Spring is right under the way. Be bold and beautiful, this season you can't miss out new innovated and popular colors like Tangerine Tango, Cabaret, Bellflower, Solar Power, Sodalite Blue etc. Choose and find those new and fashionable colors supplies from Zacoo's new arrived miracle beads. In addition, beads sizes are also varied of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
By simply stringing mix colors miracle beads to make a candy – like bracelet or creating waved patterns to make a gorgeous necklace, miracle beads can satisfy with your various jewelry creations.
Take your time and shop our new arrivals at my beads supplies free shipping store.
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How to make a pair of earring with two hole beads

Cut two 3-inch lengths of beading wire.
Insert the end of one beading wire through a two-hole bead. Thread one or two smaller beads onto the beading wire and insert the end of the wire back through the second hole of the two-hole bead.
Pull the wire through so the beads sit at the center point along the beading wire.
Bring both ends of the beading wire together and insert them both through three or four smaller beads.
Place a crimp bead onto each beading wire (separately) and thread the ends of the wires through the loop on the bottom of an earring finding. Insert the ends of the wires back through each crimp bead and pull the wire taut so the crimp beads are snugly against the loop of the earring finding.
Crimp the crimp beads with the crimping pliers to secure the beads onto the earring finding. Cut any excess beading wire off on the other end of the crimped beads to finish the earring.
Make a second identical earring to match the first earring.


How to tell real gold from fake ones

Test gold by looking at the gold in the sun. Gold should retain its color in the sun as well as the shade. Many metals glitter in the sun, but gold isn't one of them.
Stick a sharp needle or pin in the gold. If it fractures or cracks, it isn't gold. China Beads Wholesale Gold is malleable, meaning it can bend and be dented but it doesn't crack easily.
Gold is heavy. It will sink to the bottom and stay there. If you are gold panning, a great test is to rock the pan back and forth with some water. Gold should stay at the bottom and not move around much.
A sure-fire way to test gold is to wear it on your skin. lampwork glass beads If your skin turns a greenish color, that isn't gold you are wearing, but more likely another metal with possibly a bit of gold content. A pure gold piece of jewelry will not react with skin.
Try running a magnet over the gold. Precious metals like gold and silver are not magnetic, so if your gold is attracted by the magnet, that isn't a good sign. resin flower cabochons Of course, if it isn't, that doesn't guarantee it is gold. Lots of things are nonmagnetic, like wood. The best way to test gold is to take it into an expert to be tested. Tibetan Style Beads Experts have sophisticated acid tests that can determine the exact gold content and tell you the gold price per gram and how much your item is worth.


Guides on purchasing wholesale beads

When you start making your own jewelry one of the most important components is your beads. These comprise the whole structure of your jewelry and are an important part of this craft. When you set out to find wholesale beads there are several things that you should keep in mind. Less is sometimes more. When you see a great deal on something that is just too good to be true, it usually is. Try to avoid websites that offer coupons and great deals if you buy $100 worth of merchandise. wholesale beads China, beading supplies. Yes you may eventually need that many beads but if the need is not urgent try to hold off. This is more for first time jewelry makers. If you know for a fact that you have the money for bulk purchases and that you will need that many beads, go for it. Occasionally the deals are worth that extra bit of money. Look for quality. Just because something is only 99 cents does not mean that you should buy it. cheap acrylic beads. Occasionally you will get a great deal like this but often when something is selling for that cheap it is because it is poorly made. Try purchasing items that are a little more expensive as this denotes a bit of added quality. Buying in bulk and at wholesale can get a bit thrilling and if you do not keep quality in mind you may end up getting a bunch of junk. Wholesale does not always mean it is coming from America. Though items from other countries are generally not a problem, everyone remembers the bead scare a few years ago when a batch of beads from China had lead in them. wholesale resin cabochons, resin flower cabochons. When you buy wholesale, odds are they are coming directly from a manufacturer that is often overseas. This means you get a better deal but that you also have to wait quite a bit longer for it to get shipped to you. The internet is your ally. There are not many stores that allow you to purchase beads at wholesale. That is why the internet can be your biggest asset. You should exploit this resource as much as possible. The internet offers you access to sites and retailers that you may never have been exposed to in person and that gives you that many more chances to find just what you want. Tibetan style beads. If you keep these basics in mind you should be able to find the right wholesale beads for your crafting needs.


Jewelry making inspiration comes from anywhere and everywhere

Finding inspiration is so important for jewelry designers. It's the first step in creating artisan handmade jewelry. But where does that inspiration come from? Anywhere and everywhere. Part of what makes artisan handcrafted jewelry so special and unique is that every designer is different and draws their influence and inspiration from different people, places, things and experiences. Eras are a huge influence in design – especially with anything to do with fashion. Moods, colors and shapes become the marks of certain periods of time. gule in cabochon settings. Nature is rife with color combinations, animals and insects, forces of weather, all of which can be drawn from for designs. Concrete jungle cities have beauty that can be initially overlooked in the clean lines of buildings or a dirty puddle. Going to the library and looking at a variety of books on any number of subjects can spur ideas. Museums, art galleries, the mall, a vintage record store – they can all be sources of inspiration.

One thing a good designer does is to keep learning. resin Eiffel tower pendants. There are always new techniques and tricks that are being developed and stumbled upon and the best designers will always try to be up-to-date on what's being done these days. Jewelry Chains. And it's not just about what's new. Doing research into techniques from hundreds of years ago and learning the ones that are still applicable with today's tools can give designers a unique spin on their artisan handcrafted jewelry.


Lightweight and natural-wood beads

Wood beads are available in many colors, from earthy tones like green and brown to pastel shades like turquoise blue and bright ones like dark pink. Though these beads are organic, manufacturers dye them to suit modern trends. They can be etched with fire writing called pyrography, enhanced with oils, varnished and painted.
These beads have been used in jewelry for centuries and have only grown in application. They are made from the bark, roots, and branches of many different types of trees Chinese boxwood, moldable stem wood like bamboo and palm, thick wood like oak, soft wood like pine and other conifer trees. Temperate hardwoods like holly, walnut and the yew tree. Tropical hardwoods like mahogany and rosewood.
They don't only make great prayer beads but they also make interesting ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, belts and anklets. Besides the customary globular bead, wood beads can be cylindrical, roundelle, barrel and disk shaped. They are ethnic and mysterious, charming and sophisticated.
You should consider using wood beads in your designs because they suit every age group and they can be worn by both, men and women. They don't crack and chip easily like gemstones or glass beads nor do they corrode or rust like metallic beads. They are ageless and last for a long time.
Wood beads present a contradiction in fashion they can make the quintessential accessory for a gothic look or a pretty trinket for a Bohemian one. natural style wood beads. They can suit people with a Green lifestyle or they can make kitschy ornaments for the social butterfly.
When you design your wooden ornaments, consider the set of people you wish to dress. Are they the unconventional sorts or classic in taste and mannerism? Will your jewelry be bold or elegant? Are your designs about making a statement or are they about simple graces? Yes, wood beads can convey many different things.
What's more, wood beads are inexpensive. So you can make and sell jewelry at affordable rates. If you are just a beginner, wood beads are perfect to start with. In fact you might be able to set up a store to sell your jewelry online which is easy to establish, convenient to operate and allows you to reach a massive customer base.
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zacoo provides you a wide range of china beads, jewelry making findings, wires, tools and other jewelry making supplies for your beading needs, china beads wholesale at zacoo online store is a wide choose.


The history of silver necklace

The necklaces are great avenues of freedom of expression, as well as make great gifts of silver jewelry. When a child has received a necklace of shells? If so, you could be the first design necklaces. Most people know very little about the past lives of necklaces. Read on to share their knowledge on the history of jewelry silver necklace.

The story of Silver Necklaces

Who knew that Sally sold their shells to create the first collar? Speculation surrounding the true origin of necklaces. Archaeologists believe that this story began in the Stone Age, about 75,000 years ago with the discovery of a beautifully crafted wholesale resin cabochons necklace molluscs. Mollusks are a peaceful group of invertebrates, including snails, slugs, mussels, octopus and many more. This necklace first known was found in a cave in South Africa. It took a total of forty-one rounds for the construction of this jewel.

Scientists keep the necklace engraved next discovery was true. . . Please visit our Blog for silver jewelry.

Then Necklaces

Since the passage of time, the beads are introduced into the design of necklaces, as they are used and placed in chains. The advance of this grows as artisans jewelry necklaces are gold, silver, pottery and clay.

We can thank the ancient Egyptians smart to break the mold of the necklace chain base, as they are known for designing jewelry turquoise necklace and Usekh. Most of her necklaces were made by a goldsmith, and were used to show social status. Are known to play a broad chest and necklaces for men and women, such as digging the graves of many published these pieces of jewelry. This jewelry Tibetan style beads was generally owned and used by Egyptians rich and real.

Styles Silver Necklace

Throughout our creative history, humans have developed a series of interesting and trendy necklaces. Find out what sounds familiar because it moves through the list below the neck.

Please visit our Blog silver jewelry for more information.

Necklace lengths

There are three common necklace lengths include:

* The Necklace-This is the 16 inch. necklace that draws attention to the neck.

* The Princess These measures 18 inches. and hangs china beads wholesale above the collarbone.

* The opera-This is the longest standard size 24-inch

Now silver necklaces

All kinds of sterling silver necklaces are very popular right now, but has become a trend to wear a collar at a time. Whether for self-expression or for sentimental reasons, lovers of money or jewelry necklace gift seekers can choose from turquoise silver jewelry, silver jewelry and Italian freshwater pearls, and each command is sending silver jewelry for free.