Resin flower cabochons


Enrich your summer with acrylic style miracle beads

Spring is right under the way. Be bold and beautiful, this season you can't miss out new innovated and popular colors like Tangerine Tango, Cabaret, Bellflower, Solar Power, Sodalite Blue etc. Choose and find those new and fashionable colors supplies from Zacoo's new arrived miracle beads. In addition, beads sizes are also varied of 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
By simply stringing mix colors miracle beads to make a candy – like bracelet or creating waved patterns to make a gorgeous necklace, miracle beads can satisfy with your various jewelry creations.
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How to make a pair of earring with two hole beads

Cut two 3-inch lengths of beading wire.
Insert the end of one beading wire through a two-hole bead. Thread one or two smaller beads onto the beading wire and insert the end of the wire back through the second hole of the two-hole bead.
Pull the wire through so the beads sit at the center point along the beading wire.
Bring both ends of the beading wire together and insert them both through three or four smaller beads.
Place a crimp bead onto each beading wire (separately) and thread the ends of the wires through the loop on the bottom of an earring finding. Insert the ends of the wires back through each crimp bead and pull the wire taut so the crimp beads are snugly against the loop of the earring finding.
Crimp the crimp beads with the crimping pliers to secure the beads onto the earring finding. Cut any excess beading wire off on the other end of the crimped beads to finish the earring.
Make a second identical earring to match the first earring.


How to tell real gold from fake ones

Test gold by looking at the gold in the sun. Gold should retain its color in the sun as well as the shade. Many metals glitter in the sun, but gold isn't one of them.
Stick a sharp needle or pin in the gold. If it fractures or cracks, it isn't gold. China Beads Wholesale Gold is malleable, meaning it can bend and be dented but it doesn't crack easily.
Gold is heavy. It will sink to the bottom and stay there. If you are gold panning, a great test is to rock the pan back and forth with some water. Gold should stay at the bottom and not move around much.
A sure-fire way to test gold is to wear it on your skin. lampwork glass beads If your skin turns a greenish color, that isn't gold you are wearing, but more likely another metal with possibly a bit of gold content. A pure gold piece of jewelry will not react with skin.
Try running a magnet over the gold. Precious metals like gold and silver are not magnetic, so if your gold is attracted by the magnet, that isn't a good sign. resin flower cabochons Of course, if it isn't, that doesn't guarantee it is gold. Lots of things are nonmagnetic, like wood. The best way to test gold is to take it into an expert to be tested. Tibetan Style Beads Experts have sophisticated acid tests that can determine the exact gold content and tell you the gold price per gram and how much your item is worth.