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What does the color of jewelry tell you?

The charming jewelry always attracted the attention of all. Why? The right necklace, bracelet, or wrist watch does more than just accentuate an outfit, it can accentuate the woman. Jewelry always bring out natural beauty in many cases, apart from this, it also brings out the personality of the woman wearing it. What charming the jewelry is, it also show some feeling and emotion of the woman wearing it. That is to say, jewelry also has colors. What does the color of jewelry tell you? The following list is the feeling behind the jewelry.
Red: Warmth, love, boldness, excitement, strength, determination, courage
White: Cleanliness, purity, peace, simplicity, innocence
Brown: Relaxing, confident, casual, solid, genuine
Orange: Cheerfulness, enthusiasm, creativity
Purple: Power, royalty, elegance, sophistication, luxury, mystery
Yellow: Comfort, liveliness, optimism, happiness, energy
Blue: Peace, professionalism, loyalty, depth, trust
Green: Durability, reliability, calm, harmony, freshness
Grey: Traditionalism, conservatism, intelligence
Black: Sophistication, formality, power, strength