Resin flower cabochons


Gold color earring

My new designs, this earring is very shinning. My design inspiration is from the gold color, gold is a warm color that can be both bright & cheerful as well as somber and traditional.
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China beads for jewelry creation

If you just create jewelry for friends and family or if you want to start selling the china beads jewelry you create a full-time business, wholesale china beads is really the way forward. As buying at retail is something that you may need to do from time to time, but if you can avoid spending so much on each piece, why not? There are thousands of china beads and wholesale jewelry findings providers aims to sell high quality but cheap products for you, usually, buying in bulk they will give you a good price, or a discount. Wholesale china beads can help you create beautiful jewelry for you or your family and friends as well if you decide you want to start selling for much less, but the same product. With the money saved, you can make several more jewelry pieces to wear, give as gifts or even sell!


Jewelry findings types

Although they are little part in a piece of jewelry, professional jewelry maker knows the importance of jewelry findings. Findings are the unsung heroes of the jewelry design world. Before wholesale jewelry findings, learn the types of jewelry findings are important.
The creative process of beading owes a big thank you to jump rings. Jump rings are used to connect one china beads unit to the next. This is essential for both, spacing and decoration.
Crimp findings are used for both creation and style. They come in many different colors and styles depending on the creative direction of the jewelry piece. The best jewelry supply companies offer a large assortment of crimp findings. Everything from sterling silver, to bright gold crimp findings can be used to enhance a piece of jewelry.
A head pin is a long, thin piece of metal that ends with a round, flat piece of metal at the end. These jewelry findings are used on the ends of earrings and drops from necklaces to hold the china beads in place. The flat piece holds the beads in place, while the top can be made into a loop to hang them in position.
Bails are very important findings in the creation of jewelry. Without bails, pendants would be unable to attach to necklaces. Like most findings, bails aren’t often mentioned, but there purpose goes a long way in the creation of beautiful jewelry pieces.


How To Use Head Pins?

Head pins, just as the name refers, have the heads and the pins which make the two things together. They can be used as one kind of jewelry findings and they are very necessary for making hanging jewelry pieces. And usually it is hard to find a head pin from a jewelry piece, for they are bended to hang charms or as a link for stringing materials. It is not hard to image that most people have heard about them, but not familiar with them.
Do you know the basic usage of head pins? Maybe most people do not know the exact answer. Head pins are usually used to create dangles. Do you know how to use head pins? If the answer is no, the follow the editor, the editor today will tell you how to use jewelry head pins step by step.
First, if you want to use the pin, pick one of them out and straighten the wholesale head pin out.
Next, be sure there is just a hair's width greater than 1/4″ of wire showing above the bead. That's make sure it is not too thick or too thin.
Using a round- nose plier, bend the desired piece into a round shape.
Bring the end of the pin into the hole opening of the bead.


Why not bring new feeling to others?

Tibetan jewelry or Tibetan silver beads are very popular for jewelry business. We love the Tibetan jewelry because of the mysterious and exotic feelings Tibetan jewelry out of Tibetan silver beads bring to us. In Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan jewelry is believed to have the ability to eliminate disease, fear of death, prolong life and increase wealth.

Summer is coming, and the summer is for beauty, as you can wear what you like, and swimming. Tibetan silver beads, charms, pendants are all popular for jewelry making, and you can also easily find these beading needs online and offline. Why not make something different in summer. Make a big difference in this summer and bring fresh feeling for your family and friends is not a difficult. The unique Tibetan jewelry is mysterious jewelry, wearing Handmade Tibetan jewelry the people will become the focus of people around them. When you see this, you will also be pride of your self, as you can bring this jewelry for your family and friends.


Cameo jewelry, do you like it?

We all remember the Vintage cameos, a design cut in low relief, around which the background has been cut away. Cameo or named as cabochon is the hottest jewelry trends. Cameos were often worn as pins, broaches, or on a satin or velvet ribbon worn around the neck as a pendant.
Popularized during the Victorian era, cameos are carvings traditionally done with shell or stone. The most popular motifs include the silhouette of a face, the bust of a person, florals, mythological figures, and often pastoral scenes carved in relief with a contrasting colored background. Originally, shell was commonly used, but as they grew in popularity, artisans began using manmade materials like onyx, agate, or resin because they offered many varied layers of color perfect for creating their designs. Among so many cabochons, resin flower cabochons are the most popular.