Resin flower cabochons


Lightweight and natural-wood beads

Wood beads are available in many colors, from earthy tones like green and brown to pastel shades like turquoise blue and bright ones like dark pink. Though these beads are organic, manufacturers dye them to suit modern trends. They can be etched with fire writing called pyrography, enhanced with oils, varnished and painted.
These beads have been used in jewelry for centuries and have only grown in application. They are made from the bark, roots, and branches of many different types of trees Chinese boxwood, moldable stem wood like bamboo and palm, thick wood like oak, soft wood like pine and other conifer trees. Temperate hardwoods like holly, walnut and the yew tree. Tropical hardwoods like mahogany and rosewood.
They don't only make great prayer beads but they also make interesting ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, belts and anklets. Besides the customary globular bead, wood beads can be cylindrical, roundelle, barrel and disk shaped. They are ethnic and mysterious, charming and sophisticated.
You should consider using wood beads in your designs because they suit every age group and they can be worn by both, men and women. They don't crack and chip easily like gemstones or glass beads nor do they corrode or rust like metallic beads. They are ageless and last for a long time.
Wood beads present a contradiction in fashion they can make the quintessential accessory for a gothic look or a pretty trinket for a Bohemian one. natural style wood beads. They can suit people with a Green lifestyle or they can make kitschy ornaments for the social butterfly.
When you design your wooden ornaments, consider the set of people you wish to dress. Are they the unconventional sorts or classic in taste and mannerism? Will your jewelry be bold or elegant? Are your designs about making a statement or are they about simple graces? Yes, wood beads can convey many different things.
What's more, wood beads are inexpensive. So you can make and sell jewelry at affordable rates. If you are just a beginner, wood beads are perfect to start with. In fact you might be able to set up a store to sell your jewelry online which is easy to establish, convenient to operate and allows you to reach a massive customer base.
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