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Instructions simple chain maille charm bracelet

Open 50 jump rings. To open a jump ring, grab one side of the opening of the jump ring with one pair of pliers and do the same on the other side with the other pair of pliers. Gently twist both pairs of jewelry pliers so that both sides of the opening go in different directions. Do not pull straight out because this will warp and weaken the jump ring.
Bend the outside part of a paper clip and slip two closed jump rings on it so that they hang from the bend of the paper clip.
Put one open jump ring through both closed jump rings that are hanging from the paper clip and close it just like you opened it, only in reverse. Put one pair of pliers on one side of the opening, the other pair of pliers on the other side and gently twist so that the two ends meet. Put another open jump ring through the two closed ones hanging from the paper clip and close it as well.
Repeat Step 3 and check your length with a tape measure until you have created a chain that is 6 inches long. Seven inches is the most common size for bracelets, but you can always measure your wrist or another person's wrist for a more accurate size if you have the chance. The length of the clasp will make up the last inch.
Attach the clasp to the end of the bracelet with two more open jump rings. You can now add some charms at different points on the chain, looping smaller open jump rings through a pair of rings, placing a charm on it and closing the jump ring.