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How to use crimp beads in beading

Buy crimp beads that match your jewelry piece. Crimp beads are usually made of metal and they have a slit cut into them so that they do not form a closed bead. You can get crimp beads in different types of metals, even gold and silver.
Put your crimp bead around the knot you've tied between the clasp and the beads of your jewelry.
Start closing your crimp bead. Take your crimping pliers, and put your bead into the largest circle on your pliers.
Put low pressure on your crimp bead to start to close it. Turn the crimp bead so that you press it gently from many different directions. This will keep you from distorting the bead's shape.
Finish closing the crimp bead. Place your crimp bead into the smaller circle of the crimping pliers. Apply low pressure to gently close the beads. Turn the crimp bead so that you apply pressure from many different directions until it is completely closed.
Repeat steps 2 through 6 over the knot at the other end for your jewelry piece.