Resin flower cabochons


Choose your style of beads necklace

According to the china beads used to make necklace, china beads necklaces can be divided into Tibetan silver beads necklace, crystal beads necklace, glass beads necklace, wood beads necklace… and according to the strand, beads necklace can be divided into single strand necklace, multi-strand necklace, or the torsade necklace. Today I will teach you how to choose your style of necklace in detail.

1)Single Strand Necklaces:

If you're trying to have a glamorous yet sober ambiance, then a single strand beads necklace can satisfy your demand. Single strand beads necklaces are just perfect for any casual as well as formal look. They can be made from shinning crystal beads, handmade porcelain beads, resin flower cabochons... Be it any kind of china beads, single strand necklaces have always been favorite among women.

2)Multi-strand necklaces:

To add a little Latin pizzazz to your look, wear long and multi-layered beads necklace with matching chandelier drop earrings and bracelet. Multi-strand bead necklaces are gaining zooming popularity in fashion world these days. They have become a must-have for fashion ladies and are often worn by celebrities. They are liked by women of all ages, and especially by teenage and college going girls. Multi-strand beads necklaces provide a bold statement that surely makes the wearer to be noticed.

3)Torsade necklaces:

Torsade is a French word that means "twisting of the points". Torsade necklaces are basically multi-strand necklaces, featuring strands with twists and turns. That’s the reason why they are also called Twisted Necklaces. As multi strand necklaces go, torsade necklaces provide great statement to the wearer. The more strands twisted together, the bigger the look or statement.