Resin flower cabochons


Design bracelet with memory wire

When it comes to natural style jewelry, we may think of stone beads or chips, wood beads, shell beads and other bead types, as all these materials bring one the feeling of nature. Pursuit nature in china beads jewelry making is also a fashion beading trend. To make a piece of natural style bracelet, I add gemstone chips in my subject-gemstone chips bracelet. Let's see what I have do that.

Step 1
Start with your memory wire piece by making a loop on one side of the coil of wire.
Step 2
Rotate the pliers to make a loop.
Tip: Memory wire is stiff metal and hard to bend. Try positioning the wire between your finger and the tool for stability and control.
String beads on your memory wire. Once you have strung all of your beads, cut your wire with a memory wire cutter to. Make sure to leave approximately a 1/2″.
Step 4
Grasp the end of the memory wire with your round nose pliers so the end of the wire is just showing.
Step 5
Rotate the pliers to form a loop. Reposition your pliers by opening your round nose pliers (but do not pull the pliers out of the loop). Again, grasp the wire and continue rotating the wire until a complete loop is formed.
Step 6
Each end of your memory wire piece will have a loop.
Tip: You can add a charm to the one or both of the ending loops to embellish your memory wire piece.
Now, select the china beads you like either stunning crystal beads, flower cabochons or natural stone beads, wood beads, shell beads, seed beads and get start to make your own design.