Resin flower cabochons


Cameo jewelry, do you like it?

We all remember the Vintage cameos, a design cut in low relief, around which the background has been cut away. Cameo or named as cabochon is the hottest jewelry trends. Cameos were often worn as pins, broaches, or on a satin or velvet ribbon worn around the neck as a pendant.
Popularized during the Victorian era, cameos are carvings traditionally done with shell or stone. The most popular motifs include the silhouette of a face, the bust of a person, florals, mythological figures, and often pastoral scenes carved in relief with a contrasting colored background. Originally, shell was commonly used, but as they grew in popularity, artisans began using manmade materials like onyx, agate, or resin because they offered many varied layers of color perfect for creating their designs. Among so many cabochons, resin flower cabochons are the most popular.