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How To Use Head Pins?

Head pins, just as the name refers, have the heads and the pins which make the two things together. They can be used as one kind of jewelry findings and they are very necessary for making hanging jewelry pieces. And usually it is hard to find a head pin from a jewelry piece, for they are bended to hang charms or as a link for stringing materials. It is not hard to image that most people have heard about them, but not familiar with them.
Do you know the basic usage of head pins? Maybe most people do not know the exact answer. Head pins are usually used to create dangles. Do you know how to use head pins? If the answer is no, the follow the editor, the editor today will tell you how to use jewelry head pins step by step.
First, if you want to use the pin, pick one of them out and straighten the wholesale head pin out.
Next, be sure there is just a hair's width greater than 1/4″ of wire showing above the bead. That's make sure it is not too thick or too thin.
Using a round- nose plier, bend the desired piece into a round shape.
Bring the end of the pin into the hole opening of the bead.