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Jewelry findings types

Although they are little part in a piece of jewelry, professional jewelry maker knows the importance of jewelry findings. Findings are the unsung heroes of the jewelry design world. Before wholesale jewelry findings, learn the types of jewelry findings are important.
The creative process of beading owes a big thank you to jump rings. Jump rings are used to connect one china beads unit to the next. This is essential for both, spacing and decoration.
Crimp findings are used for both creation and style. They come in many different colors and styles depending on the creative direction of the jewelry piece. The best jewelry supply companies offer a large assortment of crimp findings. Everything from sterling silver, to bright gold crimp findings can be used to enhance a piece of jewelry.
A head pin is a long, thin piece of metal that ends with a round, flat piece of metal at the end. These jewelry findings are used on the ends of earrings and drops from necklaces to hold the china beads in place. The flat piece holds the beads in place, while the top can be made into a loop to hang them in position.
Bails are very important findings in the creation of jewelry. Without bails, pendants would be unable to attach to necklaces. Like most findings, bails aren’t often mentioned, but there purpose goes a long way in the creation of beautiful jewelry pieces.