Resin flower cabochons


Guides on how to clean glass beads

Cut the clasps off necklaces and bracelets with scissors or wire cutters and remove the beads from the stringing cord or wire. Save clasps and other reusable findings. Check the beads carefully and discard any that are chipped or cracked
Fill the bowl or pan with warm water, and stir in detergent.
Place beads in the bowl or pan; and swish to loosen dirt and body oils. Soak for about an hour.
Drain the beads in a colander, and rinse thoroughly under warm water. Rinse bowl or pan.
Refill bowl or pan with the second quart of warm water; add vinegar, and mix. Swish beads for a minute or two, then drain and rinse in colander as before.
Place a towel on a table or counter that won't be needed until the beads have dried overnight. Spread the beads on the towel, and blot them dry.
Check to see if all beads are clean. Use the toothbrush or cotton swabs to remove any remaining grime. Wash and rinse until you are satisfied with the result.
Spread the clean beads on a dry towel, and air dry them overnight. If china beads are not dry next morning, blow dry with dryer set on lowest setting.