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Wire working bracelet making tutorial

Step 1 Cut two pieces 30cm 18 gauge jewelry wires and make two U-shape loops as shown in pictures. Please note that one of them is bigger than the other.
Step 2 Cut a piece of 50cm 28 gauge jewelry wire and wrap it around the U-shape wires.
Step 3 Wrap around the U-shape wires tight.
Step 4 Cut another two pieces of 18 gauge jewelry wires in 20cm and insert them between the U-shape wires as shown in the picture.
Step 5 Continue to use the thin jewelry wire to wrap all of the 18 gauge jewelry wires.
Tip: Use chain nose plier to better squeeze and fix the wires to make all the wires in the same surface.
Step 6 Wrap the wires to your desired length to ensure all the wires are fastened together. Then make an end of the cord.
Step 7 Cut the end of the wire on other side that closed to U-shape loops.
Step 8 String the jewelry beads with different sizes or colors through the wires.
Step 9 See the overview picture when you string all the beads. Make slight bent to the wires using chain nose plier.
Step 10 Make four free swirls using round nose plier to the wires with U-shape loops.
Step 11 Cut 28 gauge wire of 50cm and wrap around the wires as shown in the picture.
Step 12 Make the closure with the rest two jewelry wires by creating simple loops as shown in picture. Then use thin jewelry wire to wrap wires closed to the closure.
Step 13 Insert the closure to the U-shape loops! Congratulations, you have made an elegant bride wire working bracelet.
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