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Tools for working wire

The basic tools that you need to get started making wire jewelry are easy to find. In general, it is always better to buy the best wire working tools that you can afford. Quality tools will be easier on your hands and will last longer. And tools that feel better in your hands when you're working with them will make your time spent making wire jewelry more enjoyable!
Wire Cutters Also known as flush cutters, these are required for making clean cuts of different sizes and types of wire. Most cutters have a flat side for smooth cuts and an angled side for making sharper cuts.
Round-Nose Pliers Round-nose pliers are perfect for creating even, round loops. The jaws of these wire working pliers should be smooth and come to a tapered point.
Flat-Nose Pliers These pliers are used for gripping wire while working it into shape. The jaws of flat-nose pliers are flat and broad and come to a somewhat tapered point. These pliers are also handy for pulling Viking knit chain through a draw plate.
Chain-Nose Pliers These wire working pliers are a combination of round-nose and flat-nose pliers. The jaws are rounded on the outside and flat on the inside, coming to a tapered point. These pliers are helpful for crimping down the ends of wrapped wire and for grasping wire in tight spaces.
Wire Straighteners Also called wire smoothers, these are broad, nylon-jawed pliers that are used to smooth or straighten wire that has come off of a spool.
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