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Jump rings

Jump rings are a very popular connector to use in jewelry making. They come in different kinds of materials, colors and sizes, ranging from 2mm to 1cm and above. Although it is possible to make your own it, most people buy them fairly cheaply at jewelry supply stores.
Jump rings differ from split rings which look very much like the ring that holds your keys together. They are basically a metal loop of wire which is cut in one place. As basic requirements for jewelry making, those rings are a necessary part of your jewelry making equipment. If you are a beginner of jewelry making, you need to lean two easy beading techniques: how to open and close jump rings, how to make a pendant with jump ring bail. Both sound very simple, but you'd better to open and close them carefully in order to not damage your rings.
When purchasing jump rings, it is important to note how they are measured, as everyone does it differently. Some places measure the inner diameter of the rings, others use the outer diameter. Some prefer inches, some are metric and other combine both systems. Adding to the confusion, wire gauges are not consistent across metal types. The gauge refers to how thick the wire is. Different numbering systems are used, depending on the type of metal. You should always ask your supplier for the exact measurements of their rings after spring back to ensure you are buying what you need.